‘Furniture Feet’ a Deal, although a bit pricey

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - If you've had trouble finding something for the bottom of your chair leg that will actually stay on, you're not alone. Felt pads and other products can fall or wear off quickly, and suddenly, you or your guest pushes the chair in only to hear it scratch your floor.  You cringe and try not to make them feel unwelcome.

I heard about Furniture Feet, stretchable furniture 'boots' that cover your chair leg and claims to protect your floor and furniture.  So, I decided to give them a try.

When you order Furniture Feet, you get a large set of 16 and a small set of 15. For the chairs I tested them on, I needed the large ones.

You slide them on, and you might have to work at it a little, pulling and tugging at them, but they're meant to be snug.

I tested them on some new chairs I bought (which actually didn't come with any protectors on the bottom at all, so I wasn't thrilled with that.)  I got them on each leg and gave them a try. Each one has a felt pad on the bottom.

I ordered some extras when I bought these online because the site said there wouldn't be additional shipping costs, and I figured I'd need them down the road.

About a month after I put the Furniture Feet on my chairs, the initial set is still working well. I haven't had to replace them yet.


Online, the item sells for $10 for 16 small and 16 large Furniture Feet. However, once you add shipping and handling, that's an additional $13.98.  I bought an additional $10 set for no more shipping and handling. My total bill was $34.98.

I know what you're saying, that's a lot of money to protect your chair legs. Jerry Hayes even gave me a hard time about it in the newsroom!

I totally agree, Jerry.  But I'll say, I've tried several types from home improvement stores. The felt pads won't stay on, and the ones you nail in, with felt pads... those have fallen out too. I was tired of telling my kids 'please pick the chairs up, don't slide them...'

I'm happy with the Furniture Feet so far, but next time, I'll try to find them in a store to avoid the shipping costs.

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