Good News: Big Spring Park construction should soon be complete

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A lot of big plans are in the works for the downtown Huntsville area. City leaders wanted to make some updates to surrounding areas, like Big Spring Park, in order to accommodate to their future plans.

Many enjoy visiting Big Spring Park, especially when the weather gets warmer.  Unfortunately, Big Spring East is a big mess right now, but construction crews plan to finish the construction soon.

Mayor Tommy Battle says the city planned the construction project mainly to fix to issues. "This area did not drain well, so we put in drainage," he said.  While the area was under construction, city leaders also wanted to make some upgrades to this area of the park. "We have redone the walkways so that they can match what has been done with the downtown square and on the eastern portion of Big Spring Park East."

They have also added several electrical elements to the park including lighting the walkways and bench areas. There are also upgrades for electrical essentials needed to accommodate as many as nine food trucks up and down Church Street.

The project was funded by the city council and cost about $355,000.  Developers hope to have the project finished by the 2016 Panoply Arts Festival, which is scheduled to take place April 29- May 1. Mayor Battle said he has faith they will finish on time if the weather cooperates. After this project is complete, they plan to make upgrades to Big Spring Main. Those construction plan includes several projects like fixing  the walls surrounding the water and updating the landscaping. That project will not start until after Panoply wraps up.

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