Thieves strike again in the Gurley community, taking another trailer

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GURLEY, Ala (WHNT) --  It seems there`s never a short supply of thieves eager to take what`s yours and run with it. Right now, the Madison County Sheriff's Office is dealing with criminals that prey on crimes of opportunity.

In the last week, these crooks are all taking the same thing, trailers. It's been less than a week since we told you about a stolen trailer from Madison County High School's band, and Tuesday thieves struck again, this time less than a mile away from the high school, at a home.

"You don't think about someone coming into your property just stealing something but they did," said Bubba Webster about his parent’s recent theft.

Bubba lives nearby his parents and Tuesday morning around 8 o'clock, his wife noticed a red and grey Ford F-150 in their backyard. The thieves made off with a $1,600 trailer. The only thing they left behind were tire tracks.

"Somebody that would steal something,” said Webster. “They don't really care about anybody else."

The backyard is offset to the house and the trailer sat behind a trailer home off Brock Road. Since the trailer was difficult to see from the road the Webster’s believe the criminals thought the property was abandoned.

"Just to have the audacity to come in broad daylight and to take someone else's property is uh, not very high on my list," expressed Webster.

The Madison County Sheriff's is investigating the case and they have a few tips on how you can keep your property safe.

  • Be sure to have your vehicle identification number; this is how law enforcement track vehicles using a nationwide system.
  • Make sure your home looks occupied at all times.
  • Be alert within your community and share any suspicious activity with your neighbors and law enforcement.

It's all about keeping your communities safe and free from those crimes of opportunity.

"They are just coming in and taking stuff that you worked for, yes. It's disappointing."

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office reports they are diligently working this case and a number of other theft and robbery cases in the Gurley area. With spring break coming up, be sure your property is secured if you leave town.

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