Robert says to mow wild onions this week!

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It’s a Tennessee Valley tradition to have Robert Reeves tell us all when to mow the wild onions so that they won’t come back.  Get your mowing britches on; Robert says March 10th and 11th are the days to get the job done (according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac).

GFS projected 7-day rainfall through next Tuesday

GFS projected 7-day rainfall through next Tuesday

There’s one problem with that timeline: rain. We expect several rounds of showers and a few embedded thunderstorms around here starting as early as midday Thursday.

Most of the rain will be spotty and light Thursday, but it will pick up in coverage and get heavier Friday, Friday night and Saturday. Get the full story on the forecast here on!

Here’s the video we did live on Facebook talking about the onions, the weather, and everything else!

The heaviest rain will be west of us, but we do see as much as 0.5″ to 1.0″ of rain between Friday and Sunday.

Are we finished with cold weather? There is very little chance that it gets cold again before March 20th. Spring technically begins with the vernal equinox at 11:30 PM March 19th in the Central Time Zone, so it feels like Spring up to the very start of the season. After that, we see a pattern shift likely involving some storms and a change to colder weather again between the 20th and 25th. The odds of a frost or freeze are fairly high in that period, but we expect a shift toward warmer weather again leading up to the beginning of April.

The potential is there for at least 2-3 nights with temperatures flirting with freezing (or even getting into the 20s) between the 20th and 25th.

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