Northwest Alabama law enforcement see surge in ICE usage

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Law enforcement calls it the nastiest drug being dealt on the streets right now.

“It’s not just one person’s problem, it's all of our problem,” stated Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson.

Authorities in Colbert, Lauderdale and Franklin counties have all seen a troubling trend over the last few months. Each agency has reported an increase in usage and arrests stemming from ICE - a type of methamphetamine.

Sheriff Frank Williamson said it’s like no other drug he has ever seen. He said it completely alters the mind, and is so addictive people can’t break away from it.

“It’s not just affecting the person’s life, it's affecting the kids’ lives, affecting the families,” Williamson explained.

In Franklin County, drug agents said the dealers have changed as well. They reach across all races looking to score quick money.

Lauderdale County agents have seen the demand and supply increase over the last several months also.

Back in Colbert County, Sheriff Williamson said the ICE problem has presented another issue. He said it can be solved, but it’s going to take the cooperation of law enforcement agencies through-out the county to do so.

“I would like to see some of these other agencies come forth and some of the cities and do the same thing [add officers to the drug task force.] So we can have a bigger task force.”

At this point, Sheriff Williamson said three drug task force agents cover the entire county. He said that could easily be doubled to fight the ICE problem they are seeing.

Stephen Mitchell

Stephen Mitchell

The latest arrest in Colbert County came Sunday afternoon when deputies stopped a Madison County man transporting 10-ounces of ICE.

Sheriff Williamson said they were tipped off about the shipment and were able to intercept it.

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