Police search for suspects in Saturday afternoon in possible “carjacking” incident

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Police are still working to find two teenagers accused of punching a 73-year-old man while trying to steal his car on Saturday around 4:15 p.m.

Huntsville Police said this incident is second-degree robbery. They said they are looking for two 15- to 16-year-old boys in this case.

"This is the scariest day of my life," Jessica Marques said.

That's how she, her father, Vasco, and her daughter, Julie, describe this particular weekend afternoon.

"I was there to pick up her and the other three girls," Vasco Marques said.

"To run right down to the store, which is what, two blocks away to buy my baby formula," Jessica Marques added.

That's when two people whom police describe as teenagers approached him at this home on Mangum Drive. Marques said they had their eyes on one prize - the KIA Rondo.

"I went up to the car and pulled the first guy out, and then the other guy grabbed my arms from behind me," Vasco Marques said. "Then the guy in the red jacket, he nailed me a couple of times in the face. He spun me around and got back in the car, I got loose from the guy behind me and I got him again, the guy that was getting in the car and they grabbed my arms again and they nailed me a couple of real good ones."

While all of this was going on in the front seat, Mr. Marques's 5-year-old granddaughter was in the back seat. He instructed her to get out of the car, run into the house and tell her mother what was going on.

"She screamed and I opened the door fast," Jessica Marques said.

"Someone's stealing my grandpa's car," 5-year-old Julie Ramos said.

"I saw them throw it in reverse and I took off running out the door," Jessica Marques added.

"Then, they pushed my grandpa down," Ramos said.

"They could have ran over me, they could have kidnapped her, they almost killed my daughter," Vasco Marques said.

Jessica said she quickly realized these teens came to carjack.

"I grabbed on to the door and just kept on going," Jessica Marques said. "I looked out the window through this window while I'm holding on for my life and I see my girls in front of the car and they run and they scream."

Police said the teens' journey ended about a mile away from Mangum Drive on Old Monrovia Road. Leaving temporary physical damage along with emotional scars on them all.

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