Questions arise over head count at Trump rally

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - We know a huge crowd showed up for the Donald Trump rally Sunday night, but there are still questions as to the exact number.

When Trump took the stage, he immediately commented on the size of the crowd. “This is our biggest crowd of the political season by far, we have 30,000 people," he said.

Just moments later, that number changed. "32,000 people, this is amazing. And look over there, we can’t get them in, they won’t let the, in. Why can’t they come in? Fire department, let them in," said Trump.

We're told the Madison Fire Marshal did keep dozens of individuals from getting inside, but it's unclear what the magic number for the cut-off was.

About five minutes later, Trump announced a new head count. "You know when you have 32 [thousand], now it’s 35 because they’re… when you have 35,000 people, I guess protests like that has to happen right?”

We reached out to the Madison Fire Department, who referred us to Mayor Troy Trulock for the estimated tally. "We estimated between the Secret Service and our estimate, that’s all it really is, between people inside the facility and outside, around the fence, is about 25,000 in attendance," says Trulock.

To officially become Trump's biggest campaign event of the season, the crowd would have to surpass the 30,000 mark. If the Secret Service numbers hold true, Madison slightly missed that mark.

We did reach out to the Trump campaign for comment. So far, they haven't replied to our messages.

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