Madison police report zero arrests following Trump campaign stop; stadium cleanup continues

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) –  Cleanup from the Donald Trump campaign rally continued Monday morning.  Fortunately, low arrest and injury numbers made room for positive results for the City of Madison.

“The last tally I heard from the Secret Service is they had scanned over 21,000 people,” Madison City Schools’ Assistant Superintendent Robby Parker said.

Through an agreement between Madison City Schools and the Trump campaign, the district required two $10,000 fees to use the stadium on Sunday afternoon.

“They rented it for two days, $5,000 a day, so it was $10,000,” Parker said. “Put in escrow, $10,000 for any damages or expenses incurred over that.”

Bob Jones and James Clemens High Schools’ soccer teams sold food and drinks at the concession stands. But, Parker said all students could benefit from this type of event.

“Anytime a viable presidential candidate, whether it be Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Rubio or Cruz, whoever it be, I think it’s a great opportunity for our kids to be able to see it,” Parker said. “I’m very proud that they wanted to come to the City of Madison.”

On the first responders’ side, Madison Police reported zero arrests during the campaign rally.  A few groups of protestors were escorted out of the stadium. Madison Fire & Rescue said they responded to eight medical calls at the rally, none of which were serious injuries.

“We were real pleased with the outcome of the event, obviously we were concerned with a crowd of that size, that we could end up with numerous calls, but fortunately things worked out well,” Madison Fire & Rescue Capt. Russ Kennington said.

By mid-Monday morning, a lone Alabama state flag was all that remained from the Donald Trump rally held at the stadium. Madison Fire & Rescue said it will find its new home in one of their fire bays.

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