Madison County Commission candidates in contested races explain their views

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — If you’re a voter in certain districts in Madison County, there are several candidates to decide between come Tuesday.

We’ve taken the time to interview each of the candidates in contested races. We asked each the same set of questions. Their interviews are edited to cut out pauses between questions, so their answers are in full in the video players below. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order, as they appear on the ballots for Democrats and Republicans:


District 1 (Republican race)

Tim McNeese

(More information about Tim can be found here.)


Bronson Patterson

(More information about Bronson can be found here.)


District 3 (Republican race)

Larry Durham

(More information about Larry can be found here.)


Craig Hill

(More information about Craig can be found here.)


*Eddie Sisk

(More information about Eddie can be found here.)


District 6 (Democrat race)

*Robert "Bob" Harrison

(More information about Bob can be found here.)


Vernon T. McCants

(More information about Vernon can be found here.)

(An asterisk (*) denotes an incumbent candidate.)

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