Young voters make up much of Rubio’s Huntsville crowd

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - When Marco Rubio took the stage at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Saturday, people of all ages were in attendance.

Experienced voters know the drill, but for newer or first-time voters, it's a new endeavor, and a unique one, considering the controversy during this campaign season.

"This is all of our first times getting to vote in the election," said 18-year-old Serena Bukovac, who attended the rally with a group of her friends. "It's good that he's coming to our community to say his side because there's a lot of controversy with Donald Trump."

Trump is speaking in Madison the following day and many of the young voters intend to hear both men.

"I'm not decided at all," said Rebekah Wieczorek. "I definitely want to go see [Trump] so I can get an idea of what these people stand for.

While they still search for their candidate, some attended solely to support.

"I am going to vote for Marco," said Tyler Pollard. "I believe he is the one that will lead us in the right direction."

With so much at stake during this election, the young voters are glad they have the chance to see a possible future president in person.

"If you want TV, you only see what they air, maybe you'll miss important things they say," said Wieczorek.

"It's important for us to hear what [Rubio] stands for so we know who we're voting for," said Bukovac.

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