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Jefferson Co. deputies, bloodhound team up to find 3 missing boys in the woods

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Gunner gives Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale his paw. The bloodhound has been with the department for about a year. (Photo: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale shakes Gunner’s paw. The bloodhound has been with the department for one year. (Photo: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

McCALLA, Ala. – Three 12-year-old boys are home safe with their families after getting lost in the woods this weekend in McCalla, in southwest Jefferson County.

Luckily, Gunner the bloodhound and sheriff’s deputies armed with night-vision goggles came through.

Al.com reports  the boys got lost Saturday afternoon near the 4500 block of Shades Creek Drive in McCalla. One of them called 911 from his cell phone.

The phone was losing power, though, so dispatchers told the boys to stay put.  The area where they were also has a lot of drop-offs, and it was getting dark, so deputies didn’t want the boys to continue to wander.

Deputies responded to the area, including one who had tracking dog Gunner, a bloodhound who joined the sheriff’s office about a year ago.  Two deputies wore night-vision goggles and joined in the search.

Gunner and the deputies tracked the boys and found them about a mile in to the woods.

“I can’t tell you how happy we were to find them safe and return them to their parents,” Chief Deputy Randy Christian told Al.com.