City of Albertville celebrates 125 years

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- There is a special birthday celebration Thursday in Marshall County, but it's not for a person and it's a milestone that is filled with history.

Thursday morning, a crowd of people stood in a line slowly creeping up the stairs to the Albertville Museum. The doors only open so wide, allowing a few visitors at a time to trickle into the entity that is full of tangible evidence of times changed. Several brightly colored additions mingled in with the priceless pieces of history - birthday balloons, and banners.

Albertville has  a long history, rich, and ever-expanding.

Thursday in particularly special.

"We were incorporated by the Alabama legislature on February 18, 1891, so Albertville now is 125 years old," Albertville Museum Board president Delores Roden says.

The celebration Thursday at the museum was to commemorate the milestone.  City leaders and the community came together to celebrate 125 years of their city.

Roden says the name Albertville was in existence before the town was incorporated, when in 1860 James Miller petitioned for a post office and had to name it. "He had to name the area and the post office, and he named it Albertville after his father-in-law Thomas Albert," Roden says.

The town grew quickly.  "Soon after we were incorporated in a town we were considered the heart of Sand Mountain and the largest city around," Roden explains.

The "Heart of Sand Mountain" continues to grow and change even now, moving forward to the next 125 years.