CBS News Poll: Trump holds double-digit lead among GOP primary voters

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(WHNT) – Donald Trump continues to hold the top spot among Republican presidential candidates.

A New CBS News national poll out Thursday covers the presidential campaign, President Obama’s job performance and the future of the United States Supreme Court.

The poll shows Trump with a 17 point lead over his closet rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  The poll indicates 35 percent of Republican primary voters support Trump.  Cruz is in second place with 18 percent.  Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich are next with 12 and 11 percent respectively.  Ben Carson and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush are in the single digits.

The polls shows Republican primary voters seem to be connecting with Trump in a number of areas.  The billionaire businessman rates higher than both Cruz and Rubio when it comes to handling the economy or an international crisis.  However, Trump falls behind Cruz and Rubio on having realistic policies and sharing the values of Republican primary voters.

Other notes from the poll:

  • Seven in 10 Republican primary voters want a candidate who will shake up the system
  • Trump is viewed as the most likely candidate to get things done in Washington, DC
  • Most consider Trump to be the most electable candidate
  • More than half of GOP voters say they may change their minds
  • Two thirds of Trump voters say their minds are made up.

CBS News poll: The Presidential Campaign

The poll also asked Americans to weigh in on the debate regarding the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court.  President Barack Obama has pledged to nominate a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia who died last weekend in Texas.  Republican leaders who control the Senate, and thus the confirmation process, have vowed to block Obama’s nominee arguing that duty should be left to the next president.

  • 47 percent of Americans would like President Obama to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice.
  • 46 percent believe President Obama’s successor should put forth the nomination
  • 82 percent of Republicans believe the next president should appoint Scalia’s replacement
  • 77 percent of Democrats want President Obama to handle the nomination

CBS News poll: The Supreme Court

The president’s overall job performance rating is split, largely down party lines. Forty seven percent of those polled, (84 percent of Democrats), approve of the job President Obama is doing. Forty five percent, (86 percent of Republicans), disapprove.