Sen. Shelby campaign launches attack site against McConnell

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - As the Alabama primary quickly approaches on March 1, you’ve probably noticed a change in the political ads.

One of the most highly watched races here in Alabama is for a U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent Richard Shelby.  Shelby was in the Shoals Monday and spoke about the ads hitting the airwaves.

Inside the Florence Rotary Club meeting, there were neither attack ads nor mudslinging.  Senator Shelby took the chance to focus on the things he said sets him apart from the four other candidates vying for his seat.

“We’ve tried for two months to run very positive ads, we’ll continue to run a lot of positive ads on what we’ve stood for, what we believe in, how we can make a difference, my case,” stated Shelby.

With two weeks to go before the March 1 primaries, things are heating up between Shelby and challenger Jonathan McConnell.

To counteract McConnell’s attacks of Shelby being a career politician, Shelby’s campaign launched a website:

“We held off a long time,” Shelby explained. “We just are telling the truth now. We’re just going to run on our record, we are also going to run on his and he’s got some things that people need to know about.”

Shelby said people who know him, know his record. He says he is running on a conservative platform.

Several people are running against Sen. Shelby on the Republican primary ballot:  Marcus Bowman, John Martin, Jonathan McConnell, and Shadrack McGill.

Two Democrats are running for Shelby's seat: Ron Crumpton and Charles Nana. The winners of each primary face off in the November general election.

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