Take Distracted Driving Pledge as Valentine’s Day gift

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - There are many ways to show your love this Valentine's Day weekend, but what about a gift that keeps on giving? WHNT News 19 is asking you to pledge to stop distracted driving as part of your gift to your loved ones. "We're all guilty of it but just think of the consequences at the end of the day if you're involved in a crash," says Don Webster of Huntsville Emergency Medical Services.

Don sees the worst of the worst, and this Valentine's Day, hopes you'll give the gift of life. If not for you, for the ones you love. "You can even be distracted by your loved ones. Here you are reaching back to hand a sippy cup to Little Bobby or Little Susie," says Webster. "Here you are one-handed here and I'm going to look back for just a second -- and -- crash."

Kendall Birdwell with Medflight wants to remind everyone, don't let tragedy strike before you change your ways. "Typically, the first time they ever see a loved one affected directly by that incident, it is a direct impact on the next time they ever think about getting in the vehicle," says Birdwell.

If you're struggling to think of the right way to talk about distracted driving, we've got you covered there too. Click here to download several Valentine's Day themed pictures, created by WHNT News 19. You can post them on social media or send them to a friend.

No matter how you share the message, what you're really saying to that special someone is, those three magical words "I love you."

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