Madison City Schools students participate in National Hour of Chess

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MADISON, Ala. - It was all hands on deck Friday morning as every elementary student in Madison City Schools participated in the National Hour of Chess.

The students play the game online which allows them to play against peers at schools across the district.

"To be able to play chess during the school day really emphasizes how important we see chess in education," said Ranae Bartlett, the Executive Director of the Madison City Chess League.

The idea is to plant a seed for the love of chess and all of the benefits it brings.

"Chess teaches so many valuable skills; critical thinking skills, pattern recognition, problem solving, time management, planning, strategy. The types of skills you want all students to learn and develop," explained Bartlett.

Rainbow Elementary student Xavier Brune is kind of a chess pro, competing on a regular basis with the chess league.

"I only got a medal or trophy on two of them, one of them I didn't get anything on, but I beat this really hard kid," said Brune.

Brune was happy to be able to teach his classmates a thing or two about the game he's passionate about.

"I'm like the best chess player in the classroom," said Brune.

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