Christmas Charities Year Round offers medical equipment for free through unique program

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  From insurance to equipment, medical care is expensive. That’s why Christmas Charities Year Round offers a program that takes the burden off of families who need help regardless of their income.

“We’re not just a Christmas program,” Executive Director Cassie Scott said.

It’s always the season of giving at Christmas Charities Year Round.

“We take donations in, and we turn around and give them right back out for free,” Scott said.

So, when United Cerebral Palsy approached the nonprofit about a medical equipment recycling program, they opened their doors.

“If you have crutches, a wheelchair, shower chair, walker, canes, whatever it is, any type of medical equipment, you no longer need it, pass that blessing on to us,” Scott said.

Christmas Charities Year Round is located at 2840 Jordan Lane in Huntsville.

Christmas Charities Year Round is located at 2840 Jordan Lane in Huntsville.

The program is called “Waste Not” – which is exactly what Christmas Charities Year Round asks of you.

“We want you to not waste any of your medical equipment,” Scott said.

A medical lift is an example. It helped a double amputee from Gurley and his wife while they were waiting for their insurance to allow them to have their own.  They used it, then returned it so their blessing could bless others. Stories like this are abundant within the Waste Not Program.  Scott said one of their young clients needed a new wheelchair long before Medicaid could help.

“You’re only able to get medical equipment off Medicaid once every five years,” Scott said. “So, he had already outgrown his wheelchair, and he couldn’t get anything else for another three years.”

Scott said the program’s main motive is paying it forward.

“Everyone at some point in time is in need of something,” Scott said. “If you’re in need of medical equipment, we’re here to help you.”

Scott said the program is unlike others because it is not based on financial need. She said they do not ask for a Social Security number, insurance information and employment.

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