You’re invited to tonight’s Madison County Legislative Public Forum

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– The public was invited to Monday evening’s public forum, where Madison County’s state delegation will listen to the people’s concerns.

Each of the senators and representatives from Madison County attended, and the public was encouraged to bring along documents and other printouts to give to lawmakers.

“Tonight is an opportunity for the entire delegation to hear from you,” explained Rep. Anthony Daniels, (D-Huntsville.) “When we’re on the campaign trail we’re always out soliciting advice and telling the citizens what we want to do as legislators… but this is exciting to me, because we get a chance to really hear about what they believe we should be focusing on.”

He expects the lottery and Medicaid to come up. But also, he’s ready to hear concerns about what he calls “the elephant in the room”: the general fund budget shortfall. He assures us that feedback legislators get from the speakers isn’t something that will just go in one ear and out the other.

“We actually take notes,” he explained, “and some of the things people tell us are things we haven’t thought of before.”

Sen. Bill Holtzclaw said it’s a good opportunity for all, the people who want their voices heard but also legislators who want to keep in touch with the community. And he said the printouts people bring can actually be great tools for them to take back to Montgomery come February 2nd when the next session begins.

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