Hundreds run more than 30 miles on icy trails for annual Mountain Mist 50K

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MONTE SANO, Ala. (WHNT) - Four hundred ninety people accepted a challenge on Sunday morning which took them  on a more than 30 miles journey through rough, rocky and muddy terrain on Monte Sano.

Lonnie Vogan has willingly risen to the Mountain Mist 50K challenge for more than two decades.

"I'm one of the three people that's done all 21 of them so this will be 22 years in a row," Vogan said.

Twenty-two years ago, Mountain Mist's Founder and Race Organizer Dink Taylor designed this course.

"It's single track, rocky, 3,500 feet of elevation and gain, tough," Taylor said.

The runners represented 25 states. Taylor said this race is not for beginners, it's a journey that tests them mentally and physically.

"It's dangerous and it's a long way, there's an 8.5 hour time limit," Taylor said.

Even though 490 people cross the starting line, not all of them cross the finish line.

"Three hundred finishers that actually make it to the finish line, some folks just don't make it, we have time limits and cut offs and some people won't make it," Taylor said.

Taylor said even when racers can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the Mountain Mist 50K throws them one more challenge.

"The hardest part is McKay Hollow and it's the final six miles, and after you've already run 25 miles, you've got to go down in McKay and then you've got a thousand foot climb out," Taylor said.

But runners like Vogan said they're ready for anything.

"Nothing's going to stop it," Vogan said. "You train all year for this, so when that day comes, no matter what the weather is or weather conditions, you just got to do it."

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