Rogersville first responders aid in search for Noah Chamberlin

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – With every agonizing moment that passes, the need to find 2-year-old Noah Chamberlin grows greater and greater.

“We called the Command Center in Chester,” said Rogersville Police Department Chief, Terry Holden, “Their response was how many can you send and how quick can you get here?”

It was an urgent cry for aid from trained first responders. Wednesday afternoon, four Rogersville police and firemen arrived to help in the massive search and rescue effort.  Members of the Center Star Volunteer Fire Department, as well as Limestone firefighters are helping as well.

“They checked into the command center and went straight to searching,” said Holden.

Noah Chamberlin

Noah Chamberlin

Due to rough terrain, search crews have been reduced to trained first responders. Hundreds of volunteers provided much-needed help earlier this week, but some of the helpers were getting lost in the wooded areas.

“That state line doesn’t mean anything to us,” shared Holden. “We’re here to serve regardless, and like I said, if it was the reverse role they would be here to assist us.”

The pursuit to find little Noah Chamberlin is greatly impacted by winter weather. The frigid temperatures are creating even more urgency to locate the toddler.

“The only benefit of snow is if you can see tracks. And in this situation, I don’t believe we’ll find tracks,” explained Holden.

A week in, and the effort has been laced with unforgiving temperatures no first responder can ignore.  “We’ve had some cold nights,” added Holden. “There’s a two-year-old with no shoes on and a t-shirt. Unless he fell in a deep hole the chances of finding him alive are slim.”

It’s a grim reality many are logically thinking through. But the spirit, faith and love shown in the search to find Noah is abundant. A true testament to the determination each first responder has to find and return little Noah to his family.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with the family and everyone that’s searching there,” said Holden. “And we pray we get good results out of this.”

Chief Holden says his men will stay Wednesday night and search Thursday as well. If more help is needed, they plan to send another crew up to relieve the others.

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