Family Escapes House Fire: ‘Angel with us during 2011 tornadoes returned’

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A family of four is picking up the pieces after an overnight fire destroyed their mobile home.

Samuel Jones received third-degree burns while helping his step-grandchildren, Nathaniel and EmaLeigh Shelt, and his wife, Carole Sanfratello, through the window and out to safety. The fire was so hot, Jones' socks burned off his feet while he ran out the door.

Jones was taken to Huntsville Hospital, and later transferred to UAB's Burn Clinic in Birmingham to treat his burns.

EmaLeigh and Nathaniel's mother lives next door, but their mother works an overnight shift, so the children sleep at Grandma Carole's house. They keep their clothes there too, so they having nothing except the clothes on their back. The neighboring home suffered smoke damage, so the whole family has to stay out for the next few days.

Unfortunately, this isn't the family's first brush with disaster. Sanfratello and the same two grandchildren lost nearly everything when a tornado hit the Harvest area April 27, 2011. In an interview with WHNT, EmaLeigh told us she saw an angel protect them during the storm.

EmaLeigh claims the angel returned. "I knew that same angel that was watching over me on the tornado, came back," she says.

The family is in desperate need of assistance, as their mobile home wasn't insured. Red Cross is giving them a place to stay until they can find a permanent place to stay.

Family's Go Fund Me Page