‘Lazer Bond’ bonding agent is not great

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Lazer Bond is one of the high profile products on the “As Seen on TV” infomercial circuit.

It’s a “bonding agent” that claims to fix almost anything that breaks.

The packaging says it will fix plastic, metal, wood, or glass.

There is a UV light aspect to this that I really don’t understand. But ultimately, it claims to bond two broken pieces back together in three seconds.

We ran into some problems quickly.

The directions, I think are vague. Also, there is a ‘precision applicator’ that is supposed to dispense the glue.

We couldn’t get any glue at all to move through the applicator tip.

We finally took the tip off and applied the glue director to a broken set of eyeglasses and a teacup.

It never came close to working.

If you have a different experience with Lazer Bond, please let us know so we can update this Deal or Dud with your experience.

But we rated this a Dud.