Snow or No Snow this weekend?

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There has been a lot of buzz going around about what could happen this weekend. Will it snow Saturday night into Sunday? To answer that question, probably not. This time of year the Tennessee Valley gets its fair share of “minor events” or just a few flurries. Last Sunday we saw just that. A light dusting in sections of Jackson and DeKalb Counties. Even that this time would be a stretch.  Let’s break it down for you. First, here is the system that could impact the Tennessee Valley late Saturday.


Saturday’s system bringing snow to Oklahoma

The storm track will likely move south…..far enough from the Tennessee Valley to keep the significant moisture far away. That’s why we expect a few flurries and not much more at this point. The computer models have been consistent on bringing little to nothing for us Saturday night. There is only one outlier (GFS) trying to give up a dusting of snow for the Tennessee Valley.


Even the GFS has been back and forth from a dusting to nothing from run to run. I would say just expect a few flurries Saturday night and that is all! Even the chances of accumulating snow is less than 5% from Saturday to Sunday morning. (See map below.)



BOTTOM LINE: Don’t expect much of anything this weekend!

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