Peek inside the new building at UAH as construction crews charge toward completion date

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- There's a lot of excitement among staff for the school's new student services building. It's been under construction for months, and the April-May move-in is fast approaching.

Leaders are calling this the front door to the campus, since it's the first building you'll see as you turn into the main gates off Sparkman Drive. It also overlooks the greenway, with easy access for students.

"You're going to immediately sense that this is the University of Alabama in Huntsville," said spokesman Ray Garner of the feeling he wants prospective students to get upon walking in. "There are things that we do at this university that's not done at any other university in the world. So when they come in here, they know you're going to be able to come here and accomplish great things."

The new building will bring administrative offices currently spread across the university under one roof. That way, student services will be housed in one location and make it easier on prospective and current students, said Garner.

We interviewed him in his future office inside the new building.

"At this point we've been across the street for several years," he said. "Personally, I'm pumped for leaving a 60 year old building and coming into a brand new building."

It's going to be quite a job to finish, though.

"It's tight, it's really tight," said Stanley McMahan, project superintendent from Woodward Construction and Design. "We're working 6, 7 days a week. We've got approximately 125-175 men on the job a day."

Construction crews say they're doing well on deadline and also on target with the budget.

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