Rock The Vote urges millenials to #Vote100 in 2016 – pushing all to participate in elections

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Rock The Vote HSV

Rock The Vote has pushed people to get involved in the election process for years. In 2016, there’s a new #Vote100 initiative for Alabama millenials — to take the pledge for 100% participation in 2016 elections.

They’re using some creative ads to get you off your duff and to the voting booth.

Why is it important for millenials to vote? Bronwen Murray of Rock The Vote Huntsville puts it simply.

“In a democracy you get the government you deserve. Only 10 percent of Alabama millennials participated in the 2012 presidential election,” Murray said. “With 90 percent of youth voices going unheard what kind of democracy does that create? That’s why we’re challenging Alabama millennials to make a different kind of New Year’s resolution this year: take a pledge to vote in 100 percent of 2016 elections.”

Rock The Vote Huntsville has modeled its ads after a national campaign.  All are satirical and feature actors portraying people who do vote — people you wouldn’t want to control your local, state or national election. One features a rich lady at a country club who says only “educated people” should vote.  Another is a sexist boss explaining why he hires women:

Another features a rich man sick of kids whining about expensive student loans.  The #CareLikeCrazy ads speak for themselves.

Alabama’s ads feature a man who says the only thing that should change about our state is no more tornadoes. #NoNaders, he says.

There are also Alabama-specific ads featuring Crazy Cat Lady and Scary Internet Troll Man.

March 1: Mark it down

Alabama’s Primary is Tuesday, March 1.  There’s a reason you’ve seen several GOP candidates visit our state in recent months.

“On March 1, Alabama voters will go to the polls to decide who will represent the Republican and Democratic Parties in the November Presidential election. Not many people realize that Alabama is very important, especially in the primary election. Alabama has more delegates up for grabs than either Iowa or New Hampshire,” Murray said. “So when someone tells you this primary vote in March doesn’t matter, they are absolutely wrong.”

Rock The Vote will hold an event Tuesday, Feb. 9 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Campus 805, located at 2620 Clinton Avenue Huntsville, AL 35805.  The event is for people ages 21 and up.

If you’re not registered to vote, download a voter registration application today, fill it out and mail it to your county registrar’s office.