Getting Results: Beloved Ole Hickory BBQ pig statue returned

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NEW MARKET, Ala. - We've got an awesome update to share with you. After a local barbecue restaurant reported the theft of its popular pig statue on Tuesday night, the beloved statue has been returned.

Ole Hickory BBQ owners said the pig has graced the front of the restaurant for years, and it's part of the nostalgia.  Kids come and get their picture taken with it.  He's been there for 20 years and they just wanted it back, no questions asked.  Just prior to the pig being stolen, they had him painted and repaired because he's had a lot of lovable 'wear and tear' over the years.


The restaurant's post on its Facebook page circulated quite a bit, with many trying to spread the word to bring the pig home.

"It is a part of this place and many, many people have stood on it or around it and smiled for the camera. He was taken from the restaurant [Tuesday] night. Please, please keep your eyes and ears open. We want it back, no questions asked. The kids who visit our place and those who have grown up on Ole Hickory will be devastated, as we are. Let's find the pig!"

Ole Hickory BBQ is located at 5061 Maysville Road in New Market.