DeKalb County Schools looks at possible bus reroutes because of flood damaged roads

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WHNT) — With a number of roads still shut down across the Tennessee Valley school systems are working to determine if any bus routes need to be rerouted before school starts next week.

Damaged roads are scattered throughout DeKalb County. The Christmas Day flooding took its toll, caving in roads, washing away others, and sweeping through bridges.

EMA director Anthony Clifton is working with other county officials monitoring the status of those roads each day. “We’ve got 22 roads which have sustained significant damage,” Clifton says, “Twenty-two roads that are still closed right now and probably will be closed for some time.”

DeKalb County Schools starts back next Tuesday. Transportation Supervisor Keith Atchley is working closely with the EMA and other officials to determine any bus routes that might need to be rerouted. “We’ve got a lot of territory to be covered, a lot of questions to be answered before Tuesday of next week,” Atchley says.

Atchley says if reroutes have to happen, parents can expect around a 15 minute delay. “Most reroutes will include loops out onto other roads or we may have to ask parents to meet us at a central location.”

As school officials continue to work to determine if any of those bus routes do need to be rerouted they’re asking for parents to provide input as well. “If they’re having to slow their cars down to cross a washout, or if they’re having to reroute themselves because they’re afraid of the damage that might be caused to their cars, let us know that,” Atchley says.

Atchley says if any reroutes are necessary parents will be notified before Tuesday.

Parents can report any road concerns to the EMA office at (256) 845-8569 or the transportation office at (256) 845-3711.