Downtown Huntsville will continue to evolve in 2016

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – In less than three years, Downtown Huntsville Inc. has transformed the way many people view the city’s center.

Through special events and re-developed properties, the non-profit is bringing more people downtown than ever before. No longer just the province of attorneys and office workers, families and young professionals now regularly gather in the heart of Huntsville.

Chad Emerson is CEO of Downtown Huntsville Inc. He says, “there’s so many events going on now – not just Downtown Huntsville Inc. events, but other partners in downtown – that some people say there’s too many things going on any single given night, which is a good problem to have. You know, people have choices now.”

Emerson believes 2016 will bring even more choices. “The VBC is booking at an incredible pace…other partner organizations downtown are growing. So, the key will be to coordinate and collaborate,” he says.

“You have the large projects like The Avenue, which is a $30 million project going vertical right now or City Center which will be a $100 million project…being complemented with the opening of a U.G. White or a Green Bus Brewing,” Emerson adds.

So, where will it all end?

Emerson, who likes to use baseball analogies in explaining his work says, “we’re in the third inning of a nine inning game. It doesn’t mean the game ends after nine years. It just means that we’re continuing to make that progress.”

In other words, there’s a lot of game left, downtown.