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TVA cautions boaters, asks fishermen to stay off Tennessee River for now — it’s not safe

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NORTH ALABAMA - The water in the Tennessee River is moving at a high rate and it's not safe.  The Tennessee Valley Authority is asking residents to stay clear of it for the time being.

People enjoy fishing at the Guntersville Dam, but right now that water is dangerous.   Up and downstream the water is moving quickly too, and officials say if you get caught up in it, it could lead to a dangerous situation.

"Try not to do shoreline fishing right now. There are very rapid currents going on, the water is moving very quickly. You do increase your chances of falling in the water and being washed away with the currents," said Kristine Cooper of TVA Public Relations.

The TVA says this warning is for all of the Tennessee River, because right now it's moving too fast for it to be safe.

TVA is cautioning boaters, if they choose to go on the river.

"Obviously, people love to boat. Our suggestion is stay as far from the tail end, in other words the back end of the dam, as possible," Cooper says, "All of our dams are spilling and there's a lot of water coming through there, a lot of current, a lot of turbulence, so please stay away from that area, those are very dangerous areas."