New Hope neighborhood continues to fight flood waters

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - When professional fisherman Casey Martin first bought his home near Old Gurley Pike in New Hope, he didn't realize he would soon have a waterfront property.

"The backyard is full of water. The side lot is completely flooded," he said.

Monday, his normally dry yard sat under nearly three feet of water. It seeped into his detached garage, but thanks to some recently installed sub-pumps, his crawl space stayed relatively dry.

Martin was not the only one fighting off the flood waters. With roadways submerged, his neighbors were forced to evacuate their home on Christmas Day and spend the holiday in a hotel.

"You could not even get in the driveway," said Linda Webb.

She has lived on the dead-end street for nearly four decades and she said this year is one of the worst floods she has ever seen there.

"It's really sad when you've worked all your life for what you have and then this happens," said Webb.

This issue is one both neighbors said they have been fighting for years.

"The strange thing is, we're at a higher elevation here than downtown New Hope and downtown New Hope doesn't have the water we have," said Martin. "There's obviously some type of drainage issues. I've talked to the county commissioner, I've talked to the mayor, but nobody has done anything about it yet."

For now, Webb's home has not been damaged either, and she certainly is not letting all this water dampen her spirits.

"We have our own pool now," she joked.

WHNT News 19 took action and placed calls with District Three Commissioner Eddie Sisk's office. We will continue to actively pursue this story until we can get answers for these residents.