Guntersville Pee Wee football stands damaged from rain

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Heavy rain on Christmas caused widespread flooding, and damage throughout the Tennessee Valley. Marshall County sustained a quite a bit of flood damage over the holiday weekend. There were road-blocking mudslides which kept city employees busy all weekend, and another mudslide which has the potential to impact some youth sports in Guntersville.

The retaining wall, which holds up the land in between the Guntersville Elememtary School parking lot from the stands at the Pee Wee football field, has been knocked down from significant rainfall.

Guntersville Pee Wee football volunteer Ken Niederbrach says the damage wasn't caused by runoff.

"This was just rain from hitting this little area of a hill. That’s all that did the damage, that’s just how much water was coming down at the time.”

A massive portion of the wall was knocked down, and that has residents concerned about the condition and sustainability of the existing wall.

"We’ve got some areas over here that you can tell there’s not much of a wall there already, and the rest of the wall is already separated, and I’m not sure if it’s going to stand, so it looks like the whole thing is going to need to be replaced," said Niederbrach.

The field is owned by the city, but parents of children in the Pee Wee league pay for many of the field improvements. For now, volunteers with the youth league are looking for help cleaning up the damage.

"I just hope we get enough volunteers to come out and help clean it up if the city doesn’t you know depending on if the city helps us out, but I hope we get enough volunteers to help us clean it up," adds Niederbrach.

More than 150 area children use the field during the Pee Wee season, and the field is also used for soccer. Some of the damage from the mudslide would have reached the field if it weren't for a fence—making the space unsafe for athletes and spectators.