Aerial footage recap of Christmas Day flooding around the Tennessee Valley

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TENNESSEE VALLEY - Widespread flooding on Christmas Day left several areas of the Tennessee Valley under water.  Some of it has receded by now but the aftermath remains in many parts, included washed out roads and downed trees.

A handful of WHNT News 19 viewers shared drone footage with us.

Adrian Jennings filmed video over Owens Crossroads, where floodwaters crept over a bridge and high waters took over much of the area.

Also in Madison County, Pete Dobbs filmed video in one of the hardest hit areas, Ditto Landing.  Pete's drone also shows us washed out roads, more damage here and the Tennessee River overflowing, creating a gushing scene.

In Marshall County, Matt Arnold showed us rushing waters at Double Bridges near the Asbury community.  He then went to Buck's Pocket State Park to show swiftly moving water flowing right over a road.

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