Updated list of road closures throughout the Tennessee Valley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Ditto Landing is still flooded. Surrounding roads are closed due to high waters. (Photo: Jeri Remley)

Ditto Landing is still flooded. Surrounding roads are closed due to high waters. (Photo: Jeri Remley)

NORTH ALABAMA –  Widespread flooding on Christmas day caused major traffic problems in several counties through the weekend. Some floodwaters have receded, improving the situation, but more rain is expected Monday.

This list last updated Monday, Dec. 28 during the afternoon.  In some counties, you’ll see the same roads listed — county EMA offices say the situation hasn’t changed much due to Monday’s additional rain.

IMPORTANT: The Alabama State Trooper’s office says it is being inundated with calls regarding road closures. This makes it difficult to respond to call that may need immediate attention.  They ask that you please only call the state troopers’ office if you have an emergency to report.

Here is a list of road closures across the Tennessee Valley:

Flooding has closed part of Shelton Road in Madison on Monday, Dec. 28. (Photo: Dave Hall)

Flooding has closed part of Shelton Road in Madison on Monday, Dec. 28. It is now back open. (Photo: Dave Hall)


  • Ditto Landing still flooded


  • Old Hwy. 20 bridge between Mooresville Road to Greenbrier Road is closed as a precaution, until inspections can be done due to recent flooding.
  • Shaw Road south of Paradise Shores Road is washed out.
  • Holt Springer east end between Hardy and Gordon Road is closed.


  • Union Hollow Road at Panther Creek is closed.
  • County Road 105 at Panther Creek is closed.
  • County Road 298 at Little Butler Creek is closed.
  • County Road 502 at Second Creek is closed.
  • County Road 130 at Little Blue Water Creek is closed.
  • Turner Lindsey Road at First Creek is closed.
  • County Road 156 at Anderson Creek is closed.
  • County Road 534 at Anderson Creek is closed.
  • The Alabama 20 ramp under U.S. 72 bridge, just north of the O’Neal Bridge, near Mitchell Boulevard in Lauderdale County is closed due to water over the roadway.


  • County Road 391 is collapsed.
  • County Road 632 is closed.


Morgan County EMA still working to confirm conditions of certain roads. The water situation has improved on some — meaning where some were covered with water, there are now puddles, and the road is passable. That could change depending on how much rain falls Monday.  However, other roads are washed out, meaning they will need significant repair.

  • Lower Dry Creek Road in Lacey’s Spring is under water.
  • Sharp Ford Road in Valhermoso Springs closed due to Cotaco Creek flooding.
  • Hulaco Road at Apple Grove Road is still impassable due to the washout.
  • Apple Grove Road at Foreman Bottom Road is flooded.
  • Foreman Bottoms Road
  • Ruth Mountain Road
  • Buzzard Bottoms Road
  • Norris Mill Road at Minor Hill Road
  • Huckaby Bridge Road near Powell Road
  • Sharpley Road
  • Halbrooks Road
  • Targum all the way to 36
  • Sections of Tanner Road
  • Sections of Rock Spring Road
  • Sections of Bud Weaver
  • Nelson Hollow Road
  • East Lacon to Rock Crusher Road
  • Wilhite Road to 31
  • Old Highway 31 in the Falkville area is passable – was not before – that could change depending on Monday’s rains
  • Hopewell Road
  • Alabama 36 – all of 36 believed to be passable. Could change due to heavy rains Monday.


Cullman County Road Department crews are working to get as many roads repaired/opened as possible. Check Facebook for further updates.

  • All lanes of Alabama 91 between Hanceville and Interstate 65 in Cullman County closed due to water over the roadway.
  • CR 1488 – at bridge
  • CR 1668 – Barricaded
  • CR 1684-repairs underway
  • CR 821-repairs underway
  • CR 1606 – one lane closed
  • CR 1682 – at bridge
  • CR 35 – bridge under water
  • CR 5 – under water
  • CR 1756 – at bridge
  • CR 1748- at bridge
  • CR 564
  • CR 522-down to 1 lane
  • CR 581-repairs underway
  • CR 1823


  • East Sixth Street in Leighton has been barricaded
  • Northeast Markate Street in Muscle Shoals – closed due to flooding
  • Sheffield Riverfront is being watched closely at this time it is still open


  • HWY 273 near Little River is closed.
  • Alabama 68 westbound closed between mileposts 27 and 28 due to wet roads from today’s rainfall and the shoulder slide on the mountainside at Leesburg/Sand Rock. The eastbound lane will remain open. The detour for westbound traffic is south on U.S. 411 to north on U.S. 431 to north on Interstate 59 to Exit 205 at Alabama 68. The lane closure is expected to remain in place at least until tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Dec. 29).
  • Lake levels are at dangerous levels.  If you live near the lake be cautious and aware.


  • Lawrence County EMA reports wide-spread flooding especially in the Big Nance Creek area at Courtland.
  • Water is reaching the bridge on HWY 20 in Courtland.


  • County Road 177 is closed.
  • Alabama Highway 117 North, leaving Stevenson is closed.
  • County Road 292 is closed.
  • Alabama 65 between County Road 1 and County Road 10 in Jackson County is closed due to water over the roadway.


  • Half Section Line Road between Edmondson Street and Gethsemene Road is impassable due to water crossing the roadway. Please avoid the area.
  • Tick Duckett Road in Albertville is closed.
  • Bluff View in Arab is closed.
  • Feemster Gap Road in Arab is closed.
  • Smith Drive at Nixon Chapel Road in Nixon Chapel is closed.
  • Pleasant Hill Road (dirt portion) in Nixon Chapel is closed – bridge washed out.
  • Mill Road in Grant is closed.
  • Butler Mill Road in Grant/Paint Rock River area is closed.
  • Snead Road in Grant/Paint Rock River area is closed.
  • Plunkett off Highway 168 in Douglas/Boaz area – pipe washed out
  • Ashley Drive in the Hebron Area is closed.
  • Shelby Drive in the Hebron Area is closed.
  • Merrell Mtn. Road in the Hebron area is closed.
  • Old New Hope Highway in the Hebron Area is closed.


  • Old Elkton Pike area of HWY 273 is barricaded around Harms Dam near Kidd Road and Harms Lane.
  • Norris Street in Fayetteville is barricaded.

WHNT will continue to update this list as we get new information.