Hebron homes flooded with several feet of water

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)-The Tennessee Valley was hit hard by rain Christmas day, and some parts of Marshall County saw devastating damage. Whnt News 19 meteorologists say much of the county saw between seven and ten inches of rain. Part of the Hebron community saw so much flooding, that people were traveling by boat to get across the road. Two homes are feet under water—in an area insurance companies assured them were flood free zones.

One of the home owners impacted, Rodney Stephens never thought something like this could happen. He and his family spent Christmas night at a hotel after his home of 14 years began taking on flood water-- an unthinkable scenario for him and his family.

“We were told that this is not a flood zone, so you know, never gave it a second thought, because this has never happened,” says Stephens.

There were no injuries, but now the home on Shelby Drive has more than two feet of water inside the house, and his family has been displaced for an unknown amount of time.

Hebron Fire Chief Roger Bearden, discovered the homes under water early Saturday morning. Now, he hopes to raise money to help the families impacted.

“I’d just like to ask anybody that wanted to, I know it’s Christmas, and people ain't got a lot. But any little bit is going to help these folks, they didn’t have insurance," says Bearden.

Even though Stephens’ home is partially submerged, and has likely sustained extensive damage, he remains thankful.

"We’re all alive, and we’ll be okay.”

The Hebron Volunteer Fire Department would like to help the families impacted by the floods and will be taking donations and orchestrating volunteer efforts. If you'd like to help, contact Roger Bearden at 256-684-2685.