Vandals wreck Huntsville family’s Christmas decorations

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Some people just don’t get the holiday season.

Stories of remarkable generosity are common, people dig deep to give, and share and move mountains to bring families together. But not everybody.

A Huntsville family is dealing with that fact today.

Carlos Woods and his family have lived off Blue Spring Road near Oakwood Avenue for about 15 years. Woods loves the Christmas spirit and decorates his yard every year.

“Well, I think the Christmas spirit is a community thing and it takes everybody,” he said. “You never know when you’re enlightening or enhancing somebody else’s holiday or making it better. For me, it does. I enjoy when I see decorations, especially Christmas decorations this time of year.”

Too bad that spirit isn’t more contagious.

Early Tuesday morning his wife was leaving for work when she discovered the family’s Christmas decorations – lighted reindeer, large candy canes that lined their walkway, a Christmas train set they’ve had for many years – were broken and thrown around their yard.

“Initially I thought it wasn’t that bad. I thought I could pick it up and straighten everything back out, but, things have been destroyed,” Woods said.

A neighbor’s yard has a broken reindeer; another, broken and thrown to the curb; a third was in the middle of the street, having been run over.

It’s the first time anything like that had happened in the neighborhood, Woods said.

He decorates every year, in part, for his mother-in-law who visits at Christmas from the Virgin Islands. The family enjoys the cold weather. Checking out Christmas decorations around town is part of the celebration.

Woods said he decorates with his family in mind.

"Even though my son is about to be a college graduate, that’s still big for me to decorate for him. For him to carry on his own Christmas traditions,” he said.

Woods said he doesn’t think he’ll replace the lost and broken decorations this year.

“I probably won’t put anything back out at this time,” he said. “Just out of the fear that somebody may come out, maybe vandalize it again.”

He hopes, by sharing what happened, people will know to be alert and avoid waking to a similar, painful scene.

“It’s just unfortunate that this holiday doesn’t mean as much to some as it does to others,” he said.

A Huntsville Police Department spokesman said the department gets a handful of calls every year about Christmas vandalism. Lt. Stacy Bates said it usually involves kids.





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