Muslim youth group donates gift baskets for domestic violence survivors

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Students file in and out of Crisis Services on Tuesday. They're carrying in baskets of goods for domestic violence survivors. Crisis Services facilitates shelter for fifteen victims right now, and they serve hundreds more.

The Trust Circle Director Sawsan Alkurabi explains who the students are, "The Trust Circle is the Muslim youth organization. It's a humble group of fifteen members."

Their members range from seventh grade to college, and this is their first big project.

The idea came from their leader. Sawsain is a physician. She says she sees a lot of domestic abuse. But the concept resonated with the students, who took it from there.

The Trust Circle Member Nada Sager tells us, "We do not believe in injustice, we believe in love and compassion and the holidays are a time to get together for family and joy, and I feel like everyone should feel that way and not just some people."

As for the baskets themselves, Sawsan says, "It's all them. I give them all the credit. We had a meeting, and they thought of things they needed to include in the package."

They came up with comfort items, like pajamas, and items to help you feel clean, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

It took weeks to gather everything and hours to package it up in beautiful gift baskets.

For the finishing touch, they put a card on each one.

Sawsan reads, "TTC wishes you love and peace. Basically, this is the message. Love and peace and humanity."


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