4-year old boy gives his toys to needy family. But wait, there’s more.

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - This next story started as a tip about the generosity of a four year old boy at Christmas time. But we quickly realized there was much more to the story. It's really about a good deed that's gone full circle.

It all started when Jay Zdonek met one of the kids in his neighborhood who told him his parents couldn't afford to have Christmas this year.  Jay shot a 9 second video of the boy saying, ”We don't have toys and please for Christmas could you get me some toys?"

Jay posted the video on Facebook and got several responses, including Mary Heckman, who told him she had children's clothes and toys he could have for the family. When Mary's son, 4-year old Clay learned this, he began gathering up his favorite toys to give to the family.

“He was trying to give away the toys he plays with everyday and I was like no, you keep those, you know, you love those toys, and he was like but they need them, and Batman is watching and Santa Claus is coming, Mama,” Mary explained. And so she allowed Clay to pack up and donate the toys he plays with daily.

“When we were about to leave he actually ran out and got an airplane toy and gave it to me,” Zdonek told us.

It was Clay’s favorite toy.

What little Clay did was from the heart. The heart of a four year old child who can't possibly begin to understand the situation that he and his family are in. You see, Clay's stepfather worked at the Corner Bakery in Decatur for about 8 years. Up until recently. The bakery closed after the owner was shot and killed.

When Jay realized Clay and his family wouldn't have much of a Christmas either, he started a Go-Fund-Me page to make certain this generous little boy would have something to open Christmas morning. As of Monday evening, a little over a hundred dollars had been raised. It's more than they had.

“Yeah, because he deserves something and he was going to have nothing to open on Christmas, you know what he did was really special. I read it again and I started to cry. After you called me I started to cry. It's just people helping, you know,” Jay explained.

Thanks to Jay's efforts, the little boy in the video, and his family, will get clothes, food and yes, toys for Christmas. Little Clay, who doesn't yet realize it, reminded us about the meaning of Christmas. He will have a pretty nice Christmas also. And as for Jay, he's already celebrating.

By the way, as we arrived to meet Clay and his family Monday night we met a man, who wished to remain anonymous, who had also dropped by to visit Clay and his family. While there, he paid their past due utility bill, dropped off a gift card for groceries, and promised to speak with their landlord about the overdue rent.

If you’re interested, CLICK HERE to visit the Go-Fund Me page that was set up for Clay’s Christmas.

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