Jackson County Public Works is taking steps to create a new plan to handle ice and snow

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- Jackson County is buying new equipment and mapping out a different plan to handle snow and ice.

Jackson County bought three new snowplows to handle winter weather when it hits. The plows cost around $12,000 all together.

The state elicits the county's help to clear state roads before moving to county roads, and reimburses the county so the funds for the new plows will be made up.

"That will give us six total," County Engineer Jonathan Campbell says.

Campbell says the new plows are just part of a different plan the county is working on to handle snow events. "We made several changes here on the way we approach snow and ice."

The new plan has three different angles. "Having some active ingredient for pretreatment," Campbell says, "Having some more equipment for removal, and then also having some additional tools to use before, during, and after the event."

The new plows are part of that plan, and the county is working on building and refurbishing other pieces of equipment itself. "We have acquired a surplus brine maker and we are in the works of re-plumbing and reworking the brine maker," Campbell says.

The county is also repurposing a building to store road salt to make the brine, and building units to apply it. "It's an all-in effort to, for the travel and public and citizens of Jackson County, to receive a higher level of service," Campbell explains.

The county's public works department is also looking at past forecasts and preparing for what might be expected this year.