Community rallies as Harvest fire displaces four adults, six kids just days before Christmas

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HARVEST, Ala. (WHNT) - Monday, the drizzle soaks what little the Saturday house fire off Harvest Road didn't consume.

The survivors include six kids and four adults.

And these were young kids who watched their home burn. Emily Scroggins serves many of them as the school counselor at Harvest Elementary. She says kids in the home ranged from four-months old to twelve-years old.

She notes, "Three of the children go to our school. One child was at our school last year."

The school is just down the road from the home

Scroggins says, "I actually was at the school when I was notified."

She rushed over to the house to find it largely too late. The kids, she remembers, "They came out without shoes on their feet, in pajamas in all."

She comforted them. She helped find them things to wear.

"They were in shock," she admits.

The whole family is. Their name isn't public yet, and we're not going to make it so until they ask. This is their trauma for now.

They have a lot of healing to do.

Scroggins remembers holding one of her students in the front yard, "She's six, and she saw her Christmas tree and her presents catch on fire."

That's part of the reason the counselor wanted to help, beyond providing a shoulder to cry on, so she started small.

She tells us she made a Facebook post, "Within minutes, my teachers were blowing my phone up wanting to know who it was and how they can help."

In two days, they had enough money together to buy eight full carts of relief at Target.

"Today," Scroggins says, "We are working to get essentials for the family and clothes and some Christmas items for them as well."

They have to mix up gifts with immediate needs. They pick up everything from clothes to special items the kids wanted for Christmas.

They made their own wish list for the family, in the form of a six-foot-long receipt.

Now the need for the family will go beyond Christmas, and the folks from Harvest Elementary will keep raising money for continued relief.

They say they'll keep the GoFundMe account open.

For now they can hopefully restore some of what was lost, like for that six-year-old girl.

They purchased a mini-Christmas tree for the family to put up in their hotel room.