Top Five ‘Deals’ of 2015

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It’s hard to pick a “Top Five” that cover the worst and best. This year’s best was pretty easy.

Our top five from the bottom up began with the Vegetti. You can find them ranging from $14.99-$19.99. You can shred a ton of veggie pasta in a short period of pasta. It works great.

Next was the “It Floats.” If you are like most people and have your smartphone surgically attached to you hand, the “It Floats” may be for you. It’s a sealable pouch that floats. If for some reason your smartphone takes a dive into the water, the “It Floats” will protect it. It found the “It Floats” for $9.99.

Third on the Top Five list is the “Off Clip-On Mosquito Repellant.” You can find them ranging from $7.99-$10.99.   You clip in on your belt and the clip-on generates a cloud around you that keeps your mosquitoes away. A heads up … if you take a stroll with it on your belt, you can outpace the repellant and it won’t work as well.

Second on the Top Five list is the Yeti Tumbler. Anything with the Yeti brand on it is pricey. The big tumbler is $29.99. But our test proved it is worth it. This would be perfect for people who travel a great deal, or have kids in travel ball, or need to keep a drink hot or cold a long time. We put ice in the big tumbler for 24 hours, and hardly any of the ice melted. It worked great.

The “Top Dog” so to speak on the “Top Deal” for 2015 is the K9 Kannon. Your dog will love this. The K9 Kannon will only shoot one tennis ball at a time, but the way the tennis ball is loaded into the K9, you don’t have to touch a slobbery tennis ball. You can vary the distance and height by how far back you cock the loading mechanism. You can normally find it for $19.99.