Mother: Teacher treated my injured son like ‘her own’

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LEXINGTON, Ala. (WHNT) - When a child suffers a serious injury, they can easily fall behind in school. There are doctors appointments to keep and classes missed.

For one Lexington student, just getting around was a challenge, but a remarkable teacher stepped in and made a real difference in that child's life.

Mom Heather Springer contacted WHNT News 19 to tell us about Rhonda Beavers, a second grade educator who reached out to her son William in a time of need.

"She just, came out as a mother. I mean, that just came out in her," Springer explained.

Beavers has been working with William one-on-one for several months, ever since a bad injury put him in a boot cast. The educator went beyond just helping William with classwork though. She physically helped him, every day, for weeks.

"She would meet meet me at the car and get him out," Springer explained, showing WHNT News 19 cameras the door at the side of the school where teacher and student would meet every morning.

After collecting William, Beavers would help him maneuver his scooter or push him in a wheelchair. Wherever he needed to go - the bathroom, the lunchroom, you name it - Beavers was his helper.

Heather Springer struggled to hold back the tears of gratitude when she joined WHNT News 19 in surprising Beavers with her $319 award.

"Every year we've had great teachers but this year is a little different," Springer read from her nomination letter, "She has gone above and beyond what I could've ever asked for. I am super thankful for a Godly and motherly mother. If we only had more like her." The two then embraced in a hug as Beavers' classroom burst into applause.

"I didn't think it was that much that I did. That was just helping him," Beavers said of her motivations, "I just wanted him to still feel like he belonged in our class and not to worry about what was goin' on with his little foot."