Getting Results: Mediacom solves Harvest man’s high-speed Internet problems

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HARVEST, Ala. --  On Dec. 4 we told you about Harvest resident Nathan Ball and the problems he was having with his high-speed Internet service.

Ball had been calling his provider Mediacom regularly for much of 2015. The company would respond with technician service calls, but the problems were not resolved.

We contacted Mediacom, which has local customers in eastern Madison County, Huntsville and southern Tennessee. The company said it could and would resolve Ball’s problems.

Nathan Ball

Nathan Ball

They contacted him after being contacted by WHNT News 19 and workers were out two days later replacing lines to Ball’s home.

That didn’t solve the problem, so Mediacom returned in force Monday.

Lee Beck, the Huntsville office’s senior manager for area operations, went to the scene and spoke to Ball. The crew did additional repairs, including working on a box near his home that Ball hadn’t seen addressed on prior visits.

Problem solved.

Ball said a technician had shown him the fluctuations in the speed of the Internet service he was getting. He said after the repair work, which occurred Dec. 7, his speeds have been high and consistent.

“I do like how they handled it,” Ball said. “They actually came out, expedited the burying of the wire, addressed that, resolved one of the issues I had at the box and everything’s been great since.”

Beck said Mediacom acknowledges there were some signal issues in the area around Ball’s home. He said solving those kinds of problems isn’t simple.

“There are so many things that can happen, a squirrel can go chew into your main line, and it’ll take you a while to find where that is,” he said. “And just like the intermittent problems that Mr. Ball was having. You wish there was a tool out there that you could find those issues real quick where they are but unfortunately you can’t.”

Beck said the problems and the attention the story received provided a training opportunity for Mediacom employees in Huntsville.

“We definitely are using this experience as an opportunity to train better and to make sure – this person missed this the second time they were out there – what did we miss in training that person so they would catch it again,” Beck said.

Mediacom encourages its customers to test their Internet speeds using a wired connection, not a wireless device. Beck said multiple devices being used in a home at the same time can affect speed. Signals can also be affected by other forces, he said, citing cases where a cordless phone or microwave often caused signal problems.

Beck said he’s proud of how the company ultimately responded to Ball’s situation.

“It was an unfortunate event and I was very proud of our team, the way we eventually tackled it and got it resolved,” Beck said. “And I’m happy that Mr. Ball is happy and satisfied now.”