UPDATE: Deputies say man stabbed himself at the scene of drug bust

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The Madison County Sheriff's Office went to a home on Oldwood Road on Wednesday morning with a warrant to search for drugs. Drug agents say they found a grow house during their search that included 67 high-grade marijuana plants.

The agents say the suspect, Mark Fecteau, grabbed a knife and stabbed himself when they were questioning him. He is now being treated for his injuries at Huntsville Hospital.

In addition to the 67 plants, deputies also found two boxes of processed seeds and multiple weapons, including an AK-47 and a 75-round drum of ammunition.

"It is a sufficient bust it was not a whole lot of plants. We have seen more in the past. However, it is the way that the plants are being developed. They were being developed to be sold as a high-grade marijuana," said Lt. Michael Salomonsky of the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

"We are looking at roughly 15 to 20 pounds of high-grade marijuana and you are looking at probably about $3,000 a pound," he added.

Investigators expect to file charges against Fecteau at a later date.  He faces trafficking charges, and could also face manufacturing charges.