Alabama mayor withdraws complaint after fight at city hall

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city' 6 / 10 Left: Birmingham Mayor William Bell. Right: Birmingham City Councilman Marcus Lundy. (

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – An Alabama mayor has withdrawn his complaint against a city council member after a fight at city hall that left both men hospitalized with minor injuries.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell said in a statement Wednesday night that he was withdrawing his complaint against councilman Marcus Lundy for the good of the city.

Bell and Lundy got into the fight while a council meeting was in session.

Bell told police that Lundy got angry with him during a closed-door meeting outside council chambers and put him in a choke hold as he tried leaving the room.

The commotion could be heard from council chambers and the meeting ended early.

Bell’s spokeswoman April Odom distributed a municipal court filing showing that a warrant for Lundy’s arrest has been withdrawn. Lundy was accused of assault.