How to recover from a Black Friday “financial hangover”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - We've all been there.  The sales are too good, the adrenaline is pumping and we leave Black Friday with something else in our bags -- buyer's remorse.

Vern Gohanna, financial expert and president of Taxcorp, says the first step to recovering from your financial hangover is to take advantage of some of the Black Friday freebies retailers offer to offset your spending.

"They'll give you gift cards as cash back.  Most consumers never redeem those cash back cards, it's important to go ahead and redeem those or find an online vendor who will buy those from you," said Gohanna.

Once your "shopping buzz" is worn off, go through what you've bought and ask yourself if you really need it.

"And if you don't, maybe over the weekend, sit them in the trunk of your car, don't open them, don't show them to anyone... and then maybe return a few of those items once the adrenaline is worn off," said Gohanna.

If your credit card funded your Black Friday binge, Gohanna says pay the bill off ASAP to avoid interest and permanent damage to your credit.

"Keep your credit cards below the 40 percent threshold.  Under [that] is where you'll start seeing some points come off of your credit report," said Gohanna.

If you've spent a lot but still have money to spend, experts recommend matching your Black Friday bill in an investment into your IRA or the stock market, which can actually make you money in the future.