Mother, daughter keep Black Friday shopping tradition alive

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - "We had customers lined up all the way around the building, waiting to come in here," said Inge Brewer, Supervisor for JCPenney.

​Millions were expected to hit the stores on Thanksgiving, looking for that perfect holiday bargain. Naomi Johnson and her mom were no exception.  "It's just fun, Christmas shopping for everybody and discounts. It's just the best," said Johnson.

They started their shopping at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.  "Target had some really good deals, and the exchange on the Arsenal," said Johnson.

While the deals draw them out, this duo has been black Friday shopping for nearly 20 years together. It's a mother-daughter tradition that neither would pass up. "It's fun because she's like a teenager when we go shopping. We get excited when we see boots on sale and fur coats and things like that," said Johnson.

They called it quits after shopping for nearly 10 hours.

For all of those working the holiday weekend, like Inge Brewer, as soon as she gets off, after working both days, she plans to do the same. "Probably crash on the couch," said Brewer.