Officer-involved skateboarding session goes viral in the Shoals

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - A University of North Alabama police officer found himself in an unusual situation last month.

Pictures of a skateboarder jumping over the officer while he lay on the ground of the parking deck are getting a lot of attention one month later.

Katlyn Shannon took the priceless photos. It all started as an article assignment for the UNA newspaper, the Flor-Ala - long boarding in the parking deck. Shannon said the photo session got a little loud.

"The patrol car had been coming through and he came around the corner and rolled down his window," explained Shannon. "He slows down and I'm like, 'oh no, we're about to get in trouble.'"

Shannon said the officer asked if they were "making a bunch of ruckus," and she explained her project for the paper. Then, she convinced him to join in.

Chris Vandiver explained the basics of boarding to the officer, but there was no need.

"He gets on just goes on over and he's going," she smiled. "I'm just standing there like, 'okay, alright, I see how you're going to do.'"

Chris Vandiver ollies over officer at UNA (Photo By: Katlyn Shannon)

Chris Vandiver ollies over officer at UNA (Photo By: Katlyn Shannon)

Then, Vandiver ollied over the officer, who Shannon said was hesitant at first. He went on to explain he was just there to ensure their safety, and wanted the students to know he is there for them. He wasn't there to ruin the fun.

"It was really neat because he got to be a part of that and we got to make something that you don't really see often."

For the skeptics, there were no signs in the UNA parking deck prohibiting skateboarding. They weren't breaking any rules. Vandiver said he hopes to make a donation to the UNA Police Department for officers to continue reaching out to the community.

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