GOP bars former Limestone County District Attorney Kristi Valls from running in primary

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Kristi Valls (Photo: WHNT)

ATHENS, Ala. — Kristi Valls served two terms as district attorney in Limestone County.

But that was when she was a Democrat. She lost her seat to a Republican in 2010.

Sunday, her bid to run as a Republican in the primary against the man who beat her six years ago was blocked by the Alabama Republican Party’s candidate committee, following a closed-door meeting in Birmingham Sunday.

Valls said the complaints against her seemed to focus on the fact that she was a Democrat in 2010 and on an alleged pledge she made to the Limestone County GOP executive committee not to run for DA.

She flatly denies making that pledge.

Valls said she’s been an active Republican over the past few years, working on campaigns, donating to candidates, appearing with GOP candidates at rallies, and finally, qualifying to run as a Republican.

Or so she thought.

Alabama Republican Party Executive Director Harold Sachs said he couldn’t discuss the reason the candidate committee barred Valls from running on the party’s ticket.

Sachs said the meeting was held in executive session. He also said he couldn’t discuss the nature of the complaints against her, but said complaints can involve a candidate’s residency in the district, whether he or she is a convicted felon, or questions about whether they are actually a Republican.

Noah Wahl, chairman of the Limestone County Republican Party, said some party members had concerns about Vall’s using the party for political gain. He also said a lot of time and effort gone into electing Brian C.T. Jones, in 2010.

Wahl said he expected there would be GOP members on both sides of the debate about Vall’s candidacy.

Valls said she is not giving up and that she is determined to give Limestone County voters a choice.  She also said party politics may stop her GOP bid, but it has nothing to do with the work of a district attorney.

“You never think about that,” Valls said in an interview with WHNT News 19 on Monday. “You never think about whether a victim is a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent. It plays absolutely no part in any decision that’s made. And it’s a shame that we’re at this point now, that the people of Limestone County cannot choose their leader because of politics.”

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