Guntersville Police investigating string of car burglaries across the city

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Guntersville Police say there have been a string of car burglaries city- wide and police are working to find the person or persons responsible.

The department is seeing an increase in car burglaries at homes and in public places. Generally though, it happens at homes overnight.

"We've had some forcible entry," Captain John East says, "A lot of times people just leave their cars unlocked."

Captain East says they're seeing a variety of things stolen out of the cars. "Common things stolen from cars are GPS, laptops, cell phones, purses, and often items people have purchased but have yet to remove from the vehicle," East says.

Police are working to find the person or persons responsible. "We've been able to recover some of the property but have not made any arrests so far," Captain East says.

Thieves look for anything that might be of value,  so keep it all hidden or take it out.

"Keep your car locked," East explains, "Anything that's visible of any expense is certainly something that might be targeted by the thieves so try to keep those things in your house or if you're not at home, leave them out of sight in a locked trunk."

Guntersville Police is amping up its patrols on all levels around the areas where the break-ins happen  and also around retail centers across the city.

If you see anything out-of-place or suspicious call the police department.