Touchscreen Gloves a Deal

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There are things I never can keep track of….

Like prepositions.

If I could keep track of prepositions, I wouldn’t have ended the first sentence of this story with “of.”

Or the third.

But I digress.

How about this?

There are so many of which I can never keep track.



Life goals and skills.

I also have trouble keeping up with sunglasses and gloves.

Gloves are a pain.

I’m at the point in my life where I really need them when it gets cold.

And I’m at the point in my life where smart phones are truly an intrusion into the quality of my life.

I’ve found putting the #$%#@ phone in the glove compartment and forgetting about it helpful.

But if you are addicted to smart phones and tablets, to the point you are tracking down gloves with which to navigate them outside, or inside if your workplace is a freezer, then the Touchscreen Gloves are for you.

They are strong, sturdy, and all the glove is made of the conductive material with which to navigate your phone or tablet when you need gloves.

Put them on.

Start “swiping and apping” to your heart's content.  Enoying the scenery around you is optional.

If you have to use them at work... that's a different thing I guess.

But if you are getting these to have better access to your phone outside, consider actually going outside with your phone in your pocket.

They cost between $10 and $15. They’re a Deal.

Grinding my gears.  It's cheaper than a therapist.